Garage conversion on the new Bellway Development in Dunmow

Garage Conversion Bellway Development Dunmow

A garage conversion completed in Great Dunmow on the new Bellway Development. Our customer will be using this space as a home gym so we also had an air conditioning unit fitted for them with integrated heater for the winter. Some of the flooring we used timbers so the floor was sprung for running machine equipment also for the Peleton bike. The other part of the floor was concrete base all covered with DPM damp proof membrane this was to take the heavy equipment like free weights, bench press and shoulder press equipment as well as heavy medicine balls.

We blocked the main garage door and kept it looking the same from the outside so as to not change the exterior to keep in line with all the other houses surrounding. We then added a new PVC French door by cutting out the wall in the middle of the build and putting a new lintel in place.

We used weather treated timber 4” x 2” for the walls and ceiling. We insulated fully using rock wool 100mm thick for walls and ceiling. Flooring we used Celotex for insulation. We fully plaster boarded and plastered the whole room. We also installed full electrics with dimmer switches and put sockets in place for anything required i.e. charging phones etc including Tv sockets.

We painted the whole room in a white matt for the customer and to finish we installed professional gym mats these where expensive but it now feels like a professional gym the mats are nearly 1 inch in thickness and are very heavy industrial mats.

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